Saturday, 24 November 2012

Amway: Artistry Essentials - Polishing Scrub

Is it me or does anyone have one day in the week where they have a 'deep clean day'. I stick on a face mask, put a hair treatment on and just sit in the bath and relax. On a daily basis I use the Clean & Clear Exfoliating Daily Wash (oil-free version) as a gentle face wash. It's a really nice product & always leaves my skin looking fresh & clean but once a week I like to use a more 'scrubbier', scrub (if you know what I mean) that's going to deep clean my skin and get rid of any excess oil and dirt. I was introduced to Amwayan American company who sell products within the health, beauty & home care industry. Artistry Essentials is a brand within Amway that specialises in high-end skin care & make-up, so when I had the chance to try some products I jumped at the chance. As I'm getting older I find myself taking more care of my skin. I believe that if you have good skin, make-up will not only sit better but the overall appearance & texture of your skin will look much better.

What is the Essential Polishing Scrub?
I have been using the Essential Polishing Scrub for a while now and I absolutely love it. Artistry describes this Polishing Scrub as a gentle exfoliant that improves the texture of skin. It is dermatologically & allergy tested & contains polishing beads to massage into the skin with a fresh citrus & berry fragrance.

How I use it? I personally massage it into wet skin & leave it to set slightly as a mask, then I remove it with warm water my massaging it off with either clean hands or a muslin cloth.

What I think of itThis scrub is like a 5 minute miracle, it actually does what it claims to do. It makes your skin feel smooth, polished and look as if your glowing from within - almost like you have new skin. The texture is quite liquid-based with tiny exfoliate beads that really help to remove dry & dead skin cells in an easy, quick but gentle way. The citrus scent lingers nicely on the skin throughout the day and just makes your skin feel fresh & revitalized again.

The Price: I only use the scrub as a treatment at least once a week & you only need the smallest amount, so although this scrub is on the more pricer side for scrubs at £17.10 its does do a long way. 

My motto is always try things once & I guarantee that if you try this scrub you will fall in love with the results you get with it. The scrub is not readily available in the U.K, however for further information please contact:

Monica Shah on: 

Thursday, 22 November 2012

M.A.C Mineralize Skin Finish Natural

When I first started to take an interest in make-up, I felt that the beauty community was heavily influenced by M.A.C. I personally think that this brand is great for colour. They have a great choice of eye shadows, blushers,bronzing powders and lipsticks however I find that their base products are too heavy for my skin.
Left to Right: Match Master FoundationPro Longwear ConcealerFace & Body FoundationStudio Sculpt FoundationSelect Cover-Up.
Setting my foundation with a powder is an essential. I've tried the dewy look, but I much prefer a matt finish - for the day time at least. I find that the drugstores have a great range of different powders, but their efforts are let down due to the poor colour range. Although I'm not the biggest fan of M.A.C base products I have absolutely fallen in love with the Mineralize Skin Finish Natural

The Mineralize Skin Finish Natural is a slowly baked matt-finish powder. It provides a low to medium coverage & can be used to set foundation or as a touch up throughout the day. Though packaging doesn't determine how good a product is this setting powder is really compact and sturdy and doesn't take up too much space in your make-up bag, which is always an added bonus for us girls.
At £21.00, this may seem like a heavy price tag for just a setting powder, however it's a lot more cost effective than buying a powder from the drugstore. I use a setting powder everyday, so when I use one from the drugstore on average I purchase around 1 in every 2 months. Whereas the Mineralize Skin Finish Natural has lasted me well over a year and its still going strong, its really a no brainer for me to opt for M.A.C option.  

As I've mention, the main problem I have with drugstore powders is that the colour range is very limited for people of my skin tone, similar or darker - there's just not enough choice! However with the Skin Finish Natural there are 10 different shades so there's something for almost everyone - from the lightest shades to olive & golden tones to the deeper skin tones. 
Shades Left to Right: Light, Light Plus, Medium Plus, Dark Deep, Give Me Sun, Sun Power, Medium, Medium Deep, Medium Dark, Dark
Mineralize Skin Finish Natural is a very light powder, you can use it to give more coverage on top of your regular foundation and add layer upon layer without it becoming 'cakey' on the skin. It leaves a silky finish to your face and pardon the pun but leaves your make-up looking very natural. I highly recommend this product, it's definitely worth the price and lives up to everything it claims. 

If anyone has used the Mineralize Skin Finish Natural let me know what your thoughts are on it & if there are any recommendations on other setting powders from 'premium' brands that you think are worth trying please let me know.