Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Nads Facial Hair Removal Creme

If your an Indian girl like me you know that once in a blue moon our inner 'werewolves' appear & we have to be maintained - by this I mean FACIAL HAIR ! I'm always intrigued with Facial Hair Removal products as I've never found one that I'm completely satisfied with. Traditionally I use creams as I find them the quickest and easiest ways to remove hair however I find with most creams the scent puts me off. 

Nad's is an Australian company that is stocked in Boots that specialises in a range of hair removal products for both men & women. It has received a number of outstanding reviews which instantly attracted me to trying their products. 
Kit Includes : 28g Hair removal cream & 15g Moisture & soothing face balm for after hair removal. 
Most hair removal kits contain one sachet of some sort of after care balm or lotion that can generally only be used once. However what I really liked about this kit is that it contains a generous sized tube of soothing balm so it can be used numerous times and its cleans and easy to use.  
As for the actual facial creme I have to say that it does have that really weird gone off scent that I mentioned most creams have, however its not that heavy to completely put me off. It has an angled applicator, so all you have to do is squeeze the product and apply a thick even layer directly to the skin which makes it much easier and cleaner.

You leave the formula on for 4 minutes, remove it with a soft cloth & warm water & bob's your uncle the hair is gone. I think for £4.95 this is a great little kit, its effective but your not breaking the bank either. Would I purchase it again? Probably not. Only because it left my skin feeling very dry and uneven despite using the soothing balm.

If anyone has tried this particular kit or anything from the Nad's range let me know your thoughts on the product. 


  1. Heyy iv finally gotten around to checking out ur more recent posts! Yay!
    Interesting post, did u mean that it left ur skin tone uneven or more the texture..? Iv had bad experiences with creams in the past :-/ & jolen which left my skin with dark pigmentation :-(

  2. It was more the texture, especially on the outer corners of my lips I found my skin was drying out. It eventually went, but it didn't look good, especially with makeup on top. x

  3. I try to get it done professionally now too. x

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