Friday, 27 September 2013

Good Customer Service

Just a quick post today. We've all come across bad customer service in our time. Whether its been face to face or over the phone.So when we do receive good customer service it's always nice isn't it ... ? 
As usual I was having a quick look on Cult Beauty (, which has become a regular occurrence & I decided to place an order on a item that I had been waiting to come back into stock. Normally you have to spend at least £50 for free shipping & I couldn't justify spending that much just for the free delivery so when I found a free delivery code online I jumped all over it !

 Despite putting the code into checkout I later found out there was a problem with redeeming the code and I was still charged for shipping. I emailed customer services (on the Sunday) and the very next day I received an email...
I was so please at the quick response and professionalism from the Company. Cult Beauty not only stock a great range of products but offer great customer service. What has your experience of customer service been like, whether this is with Cult Beauty or anywhere else? Let me know in the comments below. x

Monday, 23 September 2013

Botanics Hydrating Night Cream

In the last year or so I have really been taking good care of my skin. I truly believe that if you look after your skin, not only will the appearance of your skin improve but your make-up will sit better on your skin too.

Using a night cream for me is a must,my skin can sometimes become dry so its important that I can get a 'hydration fix', if you will. One concern I do have with up keeping a skin care routine, is that is can be quite expensive but you would be surprised at what you can find in the drugstore...
Takes Boot's Botanics Hydrating Night Cream with brightening hibiscus for example. It doesn't break the bank at £4.99 and it does a pretty impressive job. For 50ml's worth of product and at a price like that its definitely worth trying. 

Although this moisturiser is rich, at the same time it has a really light consistency and is easy to work into the skin. It claims to promote surface renewal for brighter looking skin by the morning, which I totally agree with - my skin just looks so fresh, and supple ready for a new day's worth of make-up. 

One negative I would say is it can be a little greasy, however providing you apply a thin layer you should be 'grease lightening' free. If your looking for something cheap, cheerful and something that actually works, give this little pot of wonders a go. 

If you, as always have recommendations for good skin care products let me know in the comments.x

Where Have I Been?

Hi There! 

I feel like a stranger to blogging. I haven't uploaded a post in forever, despite there being a few drafts in my post's list. Every morning I get up at 3:45am to get ready for the gym and after a 2½ hour work out and a much needed shower I'm off to work so when I do eventually get home all I want to do it SLEEP !!!
I'm hoping to try and at least upload two blog posts a week varying from beauty, fitness, food and cooking, and fashion. 

I hope everyone is well. x