Friday, 18 May 2012

Essie Dilemma

In my local TK Maxx I was lucky enough to get my hand on some Essie Nail Varnishes ... YES you heard right ! And the best thing is that I got three varnishes for £9.99. Considering one Essie Nail Varnish retails around the £7.99 mark I think I got a great deal !
Shades purchased for TK Maxx
Here's the dilemma - I don't know the names of the shades I picked up and this is my main problem with shopping in TK Maxx! All the bottle's of varnishes were labelled up as either 'Tangerine' or 'Capri' - which are Essie Shades, but clearly there had been some kind of mistake. You can pick up a real good bargain from TK Maxx but the problem lays with the condition  products are left in !

Wishful thinking - I was secretly hoping that the shade's I picked up were the shades I was wanting (Cute As A Button, Ole'Caliante, and Watermelon) I said wishful thinking ! When I got them home I just ripped the labelling of all the bottles in hope that I would be able to establish the shades easily by going online or seeing them in person ... let me tell you it wasn't easy ! 

There are so many shades, swatches vary from site to site and the lighting in my local Boots is not the best that I'm not confident  in saying what the shades are for sure. I've whittled it down to a few shade that are similar but then again I could be completely wrong ... they may of been in a limited edition collection... who knows...? 
Cute As A Button, Peach Daiquiri, 

Capri, Too Too Hot
Ok so I've had my little moan, and I'm still in the same dilemma! Please can someone help me ? What do you think the shade might be, if there in the permanent line at that ? Are there any other Essie shade's you think I might like? x 


  1. That's annoying about the labelling, but they're still really pretty, and so cheap! x

    1. I know I was so pleased I've found them, and even better they do Essie in my local Boots.... and I've found one coat does the trick ! x

  2. I saw this in Tk Maxx and got so excited too! Thats usually why they are given to outlet stores, factory default and little mistakes. I was gonna buy it but only liked one colour, i guess i could keep the others for a YouTube giveaway.

    £7.99?? Where? I buy mine for £11 in Fenwick :(

    Shaz x

    1. I mixed and matched mine on the sly lol so I actually got shades that I liked but just don't know the names lol. They've started stocking in Boots for £7.99 and I believe they 've also started to stock in Superdrugs around the same price xx

  3. I saw these in TKMaxx but didn't buy them cos of the labels! I wouldn't be able to cope without knowing the proper shade names...yes, I'm that sad! I hope you manage to work it out but I doubt you'll ever be 100% sure because Essie have so many shades that look similar. Are they nice formula-wise?xx

    1. I wish I knew the colours, but at the end of the day there Essie Nail Polishes and I got them at a good price - so I guess there always has to be a negative with the positive. The formulation is excellent and you only need one coat. They've started selling Essie in Boots now so I'm definitely going to have a peek at the colours, - not many of the colours are that appealing if I'm being honest its the bottles that do it for me there so


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