Saturday, 13 July 2013

Hayfever Essentials

So, we now have nice weather... YES ! How long it will last for I don't know but if like me you suffer from 'Hayfever', being outside isn't necessarily straight forward. Endless reams of tissue and antihistamine on the go can be quite annoying. Here are a few 'Hayfever' essentials that may help you on the way.
1.) Eye Dropsthese are great for dry and irritated eyes.
2.) Tablets - There's a variety that you can choose from that can ease the pain of your hayfever allergy.
3.)Nasal Spray - A good relief for hayfever symptoms. 
4.) Eye Wash - Refreshes eyes if they get irritated and sticky.
5.)'Haymax'- A balm that keeps pollen away. 

Those are just a few way to help you if you suffer from hayfever, needless to say a packet of tissue is also an essential. If you have any suggestions or even an herbal remedies, please comment below. Hope your all enjoying the weather. x

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