Saturday, 10 March 2012

Finding the Perfect Match

I have been using the Estee Lauder Double Wear Light foundation for a little over 5 months and although I like the finish of it and the fact that it stays in place all day I have found the actual consistency is quite think and this has put me off from repurchasing it again. Now I'm on the search for  a new foundation so any recommendations would be great!(I'm considering trying the Estee Lauder Fluid make-up which I have been told is quite similar to the Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua).
(For reference I only ever tend to keep two foundations in my collection as I know I'll stick to the one I like the most and the others would simply just sit in my draw)

did visit the Nars counter in SelfridgesTrafford Centre, Manchester to see if I could pick up a sample of the Sheer Glow foundation as I've heard good things about it, however the girl on the counter was very unfriendly and she was just a snooty cow! (Lets just get that out there)!!! Apparently Nars don't give samples out which is fair enough (however I think they should) - therefore I wasn't prepared to fork out £29.50 on a foundation that may not work for my skin in the long run. 
This reaffirmed my fear of make-up artists on beauty counters! I hate the way the girls stare at you and how intimidating they can be, I'm sure not all of them are like that however I have lost confidence to talk to the girls on beauty counters and shy away from even looking at the make-up because I feel like all eyes are on me. Is this me being silly and having a rant? Or does anyone else feel like this?

I want a high-end foundation thats light on the skin and doesn't feel like I'm wearing a lot of make-up,very much like Bourjois's Healthy Mix. 

What foundation do you use? Why do you use that particular foundation and what do you love about it? 


  1. i don't think there is any one perfect finish foundation for me so i customize my own. i mix estee lauder double wear and nuetrogena healthy skin foundation these two foundations mixed together give me the best light coverage and last all day , great finish as well. prior to this i have never worn foundation before.

    1. Your right there is no perfect finish foundation, I tested the Chanel out but thought it was quite oily so I think I may try the Estee Lauder Fluid make-up. I tested it out on my hand and it looks promising so I am going to go ahead and get a sample x


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