Saturday, 31 March 2012

Estee Double Wear Light - Review

Having completed a full tube of Estee Lauder's Double Wear Light foundation I can now give my full opinions on it. Although Double wear light is a staggering £26.50 I think it's worth the price as it last's for ages and delivers on most of the claims it makes.
What Estee Lauder Claim:
- 15 hour wear.
- Sheer to medium coverage.
- Light as air. 
- Gives natural finish and feels comfortable. 
- Goes on sheer and leaves skin to breath all day. 
- Controls oil. 

The shade range is NOT the greatest and I have to say that the shade I was matched up to was probably a little too dark for my skin tone having worn it and seen it under different lighting. Mixing it however, with my Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum foundation made it more wearable but it did take time and effort to mix it everyday which i'd rather not have to do. 
The foundation itself had quite a runny consistency however it glided on the skin really well. I found it could be applied with finger tips but blended in perfectly well with the sigma F80 Kabuki brush. 

Despite claiming to be a 'light as air' foundation I personally found the formulation too heavy for my skin. In terms of coverage I feel this is definitely a full coverage foundation as opposed to the sheer/medium coverage which Lauder claims it to be. You only need a small pee size amount but it just gives you a flawless finish and has amazing lasting power. For me it lasted a full working day however I'm not too sure on the whole 15 hour thing because who wears make-up for that long ??? 
It covers up; discolouration, scaring and blemishes so well that if you forgot to conceal it wouldn't matter too much, however it does feel and look like your wearing make-up and I hate that feeling - therefore I don't agree that its a natural looking foundation. I'm get a really shiny t-zone but with this foundation it was kept under control and I hardly had to top up on powder which is always a plus !  
I love the Royal Blue packaging that the foundation comes in. It feels very luxurious and the actual foundation tube is very slim line, so its perfect for travel as it doesn't take up too much room in your make-up ... AND its plastic so there's no chance of any breakages or spillage's. 

Setting aside the packaging, would I buy this foundation again ... ? Probably NOT. Despite having positive things to say about this product, I just feel the formulation was too heavy for my skin. If you like a more full coverage then this may be a good match for you. Personally I like the 'second-skin' look and therefore prefer a much lighter formulation that gives a fair but natural finish. This is a good foundation, but unfortunately it just didn't work for me. 

Having said this, I'm really keen to try the Invisible Fluid Make-Up by Estee Lauder, its a newly released product and it claims to be a 'see no make-up, feel no make-up' foundation ... so I'm going to get a sample and see if this is any better for my skin! 

Has anyone tried Double Wear Light ? Or even the Invisible Fluid Make-Up ? What do you think of them? x 


  1. nice i would like to try this foundation

    1. Its definitely a good foundation if you like a full

  2. Hi!
    It's a shame that the coverage was too heavy for you. Maybe you should try MAC Face+body, it's a really light foundation that gives about the same coverage as a tinted moisturiser. But the great thing is that you can build the coverage to whatever amount you like. It's also good for dry skin.
    I'm really curious about the invisible fluid makeup too, might have to get a sample.

    1. I try to stay away from MAC foundations. I'm not really a big MAC fan with the exception of loving the Mineralize Skin Finish Natural which is the best powder I've used by far. The invisible fluid make-up sounds up my street however xxx


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