Sunday, 6 October 2013

Daniel Sandler Mineral Waterbase Foundation and Concealer

*This post has been sitting my drafts for weeks so please excuse the fact that there are no pictures of me wearing this foundation, I have since finished the product - please continue to read for full review . 
I've mentioned a few times, that I like to wear a light to medium  foundation. Anything thick feels heavy on my skin! I love the YSL Le Teint Touche Eclat but I feel it doesn't have the greatest lasting power so I only wear it when I am out for short periods of time - I like the glowing complexion it gives me without looking like a glitter ball or oil slick. 

Mineral based foundations & products in fact are ones I've always strayed from purely because I've thought they wouldn't work for my skin or that they wouldn't achieve the same results as 'normal' products would. I decided to give the Daniel Sandler Mineral Waterbase Foundation & Concealer a go, after its raving review from Actress and Beauty You Tuber, Susie Amy. I'll admit the packaging was something that interested me initially - sucker! Right? 

This duo can be purchased online from . £25.50 for 25ml, with free delivery. 
This foundation & concealer duo contains minerals & moisturiser's that claim to nourish & make your skin look healthy & natural all day long. It is described as an invisible tinted moisturiser with an oil free formulation that when applied disappears like water leaving a youthful, glowing complexion. The concealer suggests that it can be used on its own or mixed with the foundation to cover up under-eye circles and blemishes, however I found it worked best, for me as a blemish cover up.
I love that this is a duo product ! Not only is it fantastic for travel, but the fact that it comes with its own complementary concealer means that you can create a nice,even base. My main bug bear with this product is that it only comes in three shades,  girls with darker skin tones are not going to have any luck with this product I'm afraid! It always annoys me SO MUCH that make-up brands limit the variety of shades they have within their base products!

The texture, as the name would suggest is of a water like consistency. Very light and blends into the skin easily, however you do have to work with this foundation fast as it's very quick setting. As its so absorbing you do end up using quite a lot of product, but as the same time the spatula it comes with gives control of how much product your extracting for the packaging.
If your after a heavy, flawless coverage or are looking to cover a multitude of sins then this product is something you want to stay away from !
Left to right; a mixture of the two, concealer, & foundation
This duo is perfect for someone who already has good clear skin but is looking for something that is going to take away occasional redness, and enhance naturally clear skin - if your one of those people I'm well JEL !

For £25.50 I can't say I got my money's worth. You get a lot of product and I love it's concept, but it did nothing for my skin. Admittedly the shade I chose was a big part of my disappointment, but there wasn't enough to chose from, had I chosen the medium shade it would have been too light - there was no in between so either way I was stuck. Apart from the one review I've not heard many people speak about this product so if you have tried it I would love to know what your thoughts are? x

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