Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Beauty Boxes Part 2

Subscription Fee: £10.00
Postage & Packaging: £2.75 
Like the Glossy Box, Carmine offer a payment plan to choose from:
£10 Monthly Subscription - can be cancelled at any time. 
£60 6 boxes - one of payment.  
£110 12 boxes - one of payment and ONE FREE BOX.
Or: You can send a Carmine box as a gift to your friends. 
I think there is a good balance of skin care and cosmetics, however Carmine could do with a few more hair care brands. 
Some of the brands at Carmine:
Dainty Doll, Daniel Sandler Cosmetics, Caudile', Trind, balance me, new <id, Neom, Lulu's TimeBomb, myface.cosmetics 
(All available to purchase on www.carmine.co.uk)

Subscription Fee: £9.95 
Feel Unique is a website that holds high end brands of cosmetics, skin care, hair care, fragrance, healthy living and much much more. One of the best things about Feel Unique is that they offer free delivery Worldwide. Feel Unique has jumped on the bandwagon of monthly beauty boxes...
What they say about the box:
'Admittedly we're not all beauty experts and shopping for our essential items can sometimes be a mine-field. We've developed Beauty Box, a new monthly beauty subscription service that quite literally fast-tracks you into an easy, reliable world of beauty at the click of a button. 
Discover products you've never tried before feel the anticipation of a new collection of beauty booty landing on your doormat each month! Whether you're a seasoned beauty fanatic, somebody looking to break their usual routine or a complete beauty novice, Beauty Box brings you an exciting burst of essential beauty education and joy like no other, and one that will leave you looking and feeling like a beauty expert in no time.' 

You can choose a subscription option: 
- £9.95 Monthly Subscription - can be cancelled at any time.
- £109.45 Yearly Subscription - 12 months for the price of 11.
Subscription Benefits:
- 5 deluxe beauty samples every month.
- Access to the best beauty brands.
- Saving when purchasing full-size products. 
- Top tips so you get the most of the products you receive.
There are so many beauty boxes to choose from its difficult to decide which one is the best for you. Its a good way to try products that you wouldn't necessarily reach out for, however I would personally prefer it if I could choose my own 5 products from a selection given on a particular month. 

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