Monday, 26 December 2011

It Wouldn't be Christmas without.......

It wouldn't be Christmas if you didn't receive a gift set or two. The ones I got, are below and I love them both. Especially the Soap & Glory one as I've wanted to try more of their products since using their 'Hand Food'. 

Soap & Glory: Higher Shower
Clean Girls Shower Gel 500ml (*£5.87) 
Mist You Madly Body Spray 250 ml (*£6.13) 
The Daily Smooth Body Butter 250ml (*£8.43) 
A Super Sudsy Shower Puff (*£3.50)
Satin Finished Patterned Shower Cap (*6.25)

If you were to buy these items (*)individually  it would set you back £30.18, however the actual set retails at £20.00 which is a bargain saving you £10.18. 
Sanctuary: Weekend Essentials
Sanctuary Body Wash 250ml (*5.10) 
Sanctuary Body Scrub 50ml (*2.40) 
Sanctuary Moisture Rich Foot Butter 50ml  
Sanctuary Body Butter 150ml (*£7.35)
Sanctuary Hand Cream 30ml (*£3.25)

I couldn't find the price for the travel size version of the Moisture Rich Foot cream however the full size version retails at £5.25 for 150ml. In total if each product was bought individually it would set you back £23.35. You would save yourself £3.01(can't forget about the penny) by purchasing the set which retails at £20.34

The one good thing about these gift sets is that I won't need to buy any body lotion / wash for the next few months!!x

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