Thursday, 26 April 2012

Empties 2 #

It's that time of the month again, where I show you my empties. 
I may not necessarily do this every month, only because some months I may not have enough to put into a single blog post. Most of the products are skin care based with the exception of a hair styling product. 
Simple Clear Skin Oil Balancing Moisturiser:
This moisturiser has a lovely light formulation yet it keeps my skin hydrated throughout the day and keeps my skin free from shine. I have repurchased this product on several occasions and would do so again, however with moisturiser's I do like to dabble and try new ones from different brands.

Sanctuary Brightening Facial Radiance Exfoliator: 
Sanctuary products have so far been a disappointment and this scrub is another product to join the list. As a 'luxury brand' I think Sanctuary products are over priced from the results i've seen. Although this scrub didn't irritate or interfere with my skin it didn't do anything amazing for my skin either. The texture was thin and runny and the scrubbing particles were too tiny. The results were poor and weren't good enough that I would go out and purchase the full size version. 

Boots Essential Style Mousse (for curls & waves:  
This product has been sitting on my make-up counter for the longest time, probably pushing it to about a year. I used to use it for times where I couldn't be bothered to straighten or even blow my hair, it perfectly kept hold of my natural curl and gave me that extra volume I always long for. Would I buy it again ? Probably not but only because I blow dry my hair now. I would definitely recommend it to mousse lovers and its also cheap as. 
No7 Beautiful Skin Quick Thinking Wipes:
I've done a separate review on these wipes(, however No7 have rebranded their skin care line which makes me think they may have reformulated some of their products too ? I wasn't pleased with these wipes this time round ! They were less wet and I found myself using about three or four at one time, I noticed they weren't branded as '4 in 1 wipes' which is a bit of a bummer as there quite handy for traveling (the previous used to cleanse, tone and moisturise all at the same time). One thing I do like, is the hard plastic lid, but I'm sure there are better make-up removal wipes out there right?... Let me know if you have any suggestions.  
Sanctuary Body Butter: 
Out of all the products i've used from Sanctuary this is probably the best out of all of them. This body butter is lovely and luxurious on the skin - the only problem I have with body butters is that there too time consuming sometime in the Morning so I prefer a light formulation that will still give me the essential moisture I need. 
Lush Colour Supplement:
Initially I loved this product and was raving about it to anyone I could, however I'm not too sure now! See my original blog post: I hate this product now but I'm glad I tried it. My main problem with this product is that it's a very hard to work with. When I applied it with my fingertips after moisturising I found the product would roll on my skin and when I used a brush it left my face looking streaky. Its a very time consuming product and I don't necessarily have the time to mess around in the mornings. The colour seemed to be a good match however I've photographed it and it looks awful. It collects around the nose and its not a product for those who want a heavy coverage, which is something I mentioned about in my blog post on it. If you layer this with the intentions of creating a flawless base think again! You'll just achieve a very uneven cakey like finish and thats not a good look. I shall not be wasting my money on this again. 

If you have used any of these product let me know what you thought and if you've done an empties post leave the link below and I will have a look. x


  1. Lovely blog darlin, im following you :D

    Hope your okay

    Love Shamila

  2. you did empty a lot this month doll!great post!


    1. Lol just means I can buy more goodies xx

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