Wednesday, 11 April 2012

A Little Q & A with Miss Budget Beauty

Miss Budget Beauty is one of my all time favourite youtuber's and bloggers. From the minute I watched her 'Not Your Average Guru' video I became a fan. Khila, otherwise known as Miss Budget Beauty seems like a geniunely lovely person, she's relatable, gives honest reviews, make-up tutorials, hauls and vlogs. As a busy Mum I find it difficult that Khila manages to run not only a youtube channel, a beauty blog but three other blogs. 
Cooking Blog:

On a whim I contacted Khila to see if she would answer some questions for my blog and I was so pleased when I saw a reply from her in my inbox!
1.) How did you start out on You Tube / Blogging? I saw a video zoebella  made and thought ... 'I could do that' ! Blogging came shortly after. 

2.) Who are your favourite people to watch on YouTube / Favourite blogs to read? Dulce Candy and Mizzglamorazzi are my absolute favourite YouTubers and my favourite beauty blog has to be MakeupSavvy. I read a lot more but that's consistently my favourite.

3.) What's the best & worst thing from making youtube videos and blogging? The best thing has to be the people I've met through social networking and the worst is of course the horrible things people write ... I've become much better at dealing with that recently though.

4.) Would you encourage or support Ella if she wanted to follow in your footsteps That's something I've had to think about lately... she's becoming more aware and I'm trying to shield her from it a little. I would be fine with her 'you tubing' in the future but she'd have to be at least 16... there are some serious weirdos out there!

5.) What is your dream job? Something creative. I love video editing and I love writing ... I don't want to narrow it down but I'm hoping to just fall into something I really enjoy doing that pays the bills.

6.) What piece of make-up do you think is worth spending the most amount of money on? Tricky! I've been toying with finally purchasing a Chanel foundation since everyone raves about them and it's the one thing I've never found at drugstore and loved. My BB Cream's come close but have no staying power. I love my Nars Sheer Glow and am coming to realise when it comes to base ... you get what you pay for! One thing that's absolutely NOT worth buying high end is 

7.) Favourite make-up brand - if you had to choose one?  Ugh! So hard. If I had to choose one forever it would have to be MAC for their sheer volume and variety of products, however I could quite happily mix and match Maybelline and L'oreal forever.

8.) Any advise you can give on youtubing and blogging?  Start it as a hobby - not a business. People that start out with the sole intention of getting free stuff or making money will lose patience and flake out 6 months in. Enjoy it for what it is and if it becomes lucrative consider it a bonus ! 

9.) Who inspires you the most?  Blogger? Umm ... I'm going to say Kandee Johnson cause she's so positive all the time!

10.) What's your wardrobe essential?  Bagger t-shirts. My 'uniform' is skinny jeans and baggy shirts ... hides my post baby belly!  

Once again I thank Khila for taking the time to answer my question. If you've not already subscribed to Miss Budget Beauty I highly advise that you do. I'm hoping that I can get other youtubers and bloggers to do a Q&A and make it a 'once a month' thing - what do you guys think? x


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    1. I know, a genuinely nice person, one of the most relatable bloggers and youtubers out there x

  2. I agree she's great. Thats why shes currently #1 on my favourite youtubers/bloggers post I have just done :)

    1. Just had a look at your post now - totally agree with what you say. I've started following your blog xx

  3. I really like your blog design, the background and header, very nice;)

    Wanna follow each other? I start right now;)

    Kisses from Berlin

    1. Hi Lisa. Thank you for the lovely things you said about my blog. I am definitely going to have a look at your blog - consider me a new follower xxx


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