Thursday, 5 January 2012

E.L.F Cosmetics

E.L.F ( is an online company that offers cosmetics and make-up tools at an affordable price.
The company's popularity has grown from reviews that have appeared on YouTube channels and beauty blogs. 
My personal experiences of E.L.F so far has been very mixed! I have bought both make-up items and brushes and i've found that the products lack consistency. Some products are fantastic and others are simply a waste of time and money. The main thing that puts me off from buying make-up from E.L.F is that the swatches online are not true to life or even close and for someone of colour this can be a problem. However like I said it is an affordable brand, so should I complain ?
Make-up company MUA for example sell products that retail from £1, are of a good quality and are available in Superdrug stores across the country so they can be tried and tested by its customers so why couldn't E.L.F do the same? 
I personally wouldn't purchase make-up items from E.L.F (again) unless they dramatically changed the quality of their swatches. I would however consider purchasing their make-up items if they were available in stores where I could physically swatch the products myself. If you do want to try any products from E.L.F there are three different ranges you can choose from:

E.L.F Basic - From: £1.50
E.L.F Professional - From: £3.50 
E.L.F Mineral - From: £3.00
One product I was really disappointed with was the E.L.F Professional Total Face Brush (£1.50).
I had heard good reviews on this brush and was in need for a good powder brush so I thought I would give this brush a go! Initially I wasn't disappointed with the product nor did it do anything spectacular it distributed powder evenly like I hoped it would - however after I washed the brush this is when I experienced problems(I deep clean my brushes once a week with Baby Shampoo). The Total Face Brush didn't take well to being washed despite being washed with a gentle shampoo, washing it seemed to have created a knot in the middle (if that makes sense) and the brush hair's didn't fall back into its natural shape.
It was like the brush was having a bad hair day!

The brush hair isn't of great quality and it seemed to scratch against my skin, although it didn't physically leave any marks on my face. And to top it off the handle broke!
What I would say is that there are some good brushes from E.L.F despite my views on this one. For example:

E.L.F Studio Blush Brush - £3.50
E.L.F Studio Complexion Brush - £3.50
Just be cautious that products lack consistency - so you may get one really good brush or one really bad brush. However the Total Face Brush is in bin now!

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  1. Iv bought a couple of products which were way off wat the swatches looked online..a shame really.. & damn that was a bad brush :-s luckily some of their other brushes r very good.. Had good experiences with their Studio line :-) x


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