Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Update: Elefont

So I haven't posted anything on this blog for a while because I am sooooooo tired from work!!! However I have been enjoying going to Zumba classes. I do it twice a week and its a great work out whilst also being loads of fun... I don't think you'll see me on Strictly anytime soon though lol. 
I have also been thinking about the progress of my blog so far. I originally designed it to mainly display my design work / creative interest but I have realised that my posts have been over shadowed by beauty related things. I'm thinking that I should now create another blog, a blog that would be a lot more simple but would act as a portfolio as such but in blog form whilst also being like a diary of interests I have within the arts and creative industry. What do you guys think ??? Or should I stick to the one? 


  1. Anika! I'm glad you've blogged, it's made my day! my advice is keep it as it is because your blog is yours and I personally love beauty blogs that have different posts, afterall we're all different and the beauty bloggers who follow may also have a love for your design and creativity. dont think of your blog as being confined to specific genres but think of it as somewhere to check in and share your thoughts. hope that helped. keep blogging. xoxox

  2. Awww thanks. I just find it hard to sum up my blog, or how to describe it. You blog is fab love the post on the multiples..but I think you should reveal yourself lol.


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