Sunday, 22 January 2012

In Need Of Company

On the cover: Alexa Chung 

Some Fab Editorial Images

Panda Lips 

Britain's Best Style Blogger 
'Company' stood out on the magazine stands with its new look cover for the February 2012 issue. It wasn't like its usual glossy self, it looked and felt like what a modern day fashion magazine should look like. I have to say there were still as many adverts inside as a normal fashion mag however it had more depth. 

I actual read the copy instead of glancing over the photos as I usually do trying to convince myself that I'm going to exercise, eat healthier and become thin like those darn models...yeah right!(Anyone got a magic wand ?) 

There were quirky little touches with some of the typefaces used and interesting articles such as; 'Britain's Best Style Blogger' and 'How I Did It: Got The Top Job - Lost the Suit'

The layout was really easy on the eye, the placement of objects was nicely put together and the paper stock was almost like newsprint but much thicker - non the less a good choice (check me out I'm like the Gok Wan of paper   

I hope 'Company' continue with the new look - for me its more appealing and I'm definitely going to be purchasing upcoming issues as I would really appreciate having a magazine like this in my bag. 


  1. Anika! I have this edition too!!! And I agree I think the look and feel of this one just stood out above the rest and price wasn't to complain about either! Hope they stick with this layout and print.

    I'm spreading the word about your blog so hopefully u should have some new followers! Yay!

    Keep it up girl you're doing great! Btw Farhana is trying to convince me to reveal myself to u, if it happens that she wears me down I'll probably send you a message!! Lol


  2. Hi There, I'm just writing to let you know that I've awarded you the Kreative blogger award, Please see my blog for further details but this is just to let you know I think your blog is fab!


  3. Hi Es-Jay Thank you for the mention of my blog on your blog, I really appreciate it. I will be mention you soon too......just when I get around to You should reveal yourself then we can all go makeup shopping together xxxx


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