Saturday, 21 January 2012

Mow Her?

I received a sample of Moa the green balm in my 'Latest in Beauty' 'Little Beauty Box' a couple of weeks back and feel I can now give a full and honest review. 

This balm is a natural skin balm that claims to repair and renew dry skin, help nourish bumps, grazes and burns and can also be used as a facial cleanser after shaving (for all you men). I guess women could use the balm on legs after shaving too?

'Latest in Beauty' sent me a generous sized sample which allowed 1-2 weeks usage. I mainly used it for the dry skin on my feet and it did wonders, once you have the balm in your hands it naturally melts from the warmth of your hands so it's easy to rub in and it kept my feet smooth and nourished all day - the balm had a non-offensive minty / herbal scent to it which is always a plus. 

I also used the balm for my face (...yes it sounds strange having just told you guys that I have also used it on my feet) as I don't really use a night cream, I use things like Bio Oil and Vaseline to repair my skin overnight so I thought I would try the balm on my face. I especially concentrated it on my eyelashes to nourish them after a day of wearing mascara and eyeliner.

When I would wake up in the mornings my skin would feel much smoother and softer,-  the only thing I would say is that it does leave your pillow cases oily. 

This balm is something that everyone should keep in the draws its a staple like Bio Oil and Vaseline. Once I have used up my Bio Oil I would definitely consider purchasing the full size of Moa as it 'did what it said on the tin - or in this case the tub', so i could test a full run of it. 

Full Size Moa: 50ml ...£9.99 
Mini Moa: 15ml ...£4.99 

As you can see the price of the green balm is affordable and even if you just wanted to try it out you could purchase the mini version. If anyone tries the balm out let me know how you get on.

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