Friday, 17 February 2012

The Graphic Design Doctor ?

So a slightly different post today. As some people may know, I studied Graphic Design at University just over two years ago and I have found it extremely difficult to find a career in the creative industry ... it totally sucks! Is anyone else in this position? I now feel like I wasted 3 years at University even though I attained a 1st Class Honours in my degree. It sometimes gets me really down, because I feel like some of my relatives judge me, based on the fact that I didn't choose to study a typical subject a 'Indian' would choose and the fact that I can't find a job in my field. 

I have to remind myself though, that I'm lucky to have a job - even if its not in my field! 

When I was in my final year at University I decided to create an alter ego to promote myself as a Designer, so I choose to go by the alias; 'The Graphic Design Doctor' as it makes fun out the stereotypes I grew up with as a young British Indian. 

I was constantly told that I should find a career in being an Accountant, Dentist, Solicitor, Lawyer or a Doctor - not that there's anything wrong with those careers, but it just wasn't me! 
Why should I be told what to do? Especially by people that don't talk to me half the time!  Luckily I have very supportive Parents that told me I should study whatever I wanted to and I did just that. 

The most common thing I used to get asked is: 'Why aren't you studying to become a Doctor dear?' which totally used to piss me off! (Pardon my French) Its not only Doctors who use scalpels!!! Us Designers preform major Design operations that involve scalpels in order to create a beautiful world.  

Is this just an Indian thing or have any of you guys experienced this? (I'm hoping to start adding my design work and other creative things I've been doing.) x


  1. I completely get what you're saying. I'm in my second year of a PR degree, and whilst my mum is really supportive of me in whatever I do, SO many people have given me 'the look' (or just rolled their eyes!) when I tell them I'm studying PR.

    It's so annoying because if I did study Accounting or Law or Medicine and was really unhappy with it, the same people would be questioning me as to why I didn't study something that I enjoyed.

    I think it's important to do what makes you happy, regardless of what other people think.

    Congrats on getting a 1st though!

    Lola ..x

    1. Thanks hun. I try to ignore how people react but it hurts its like they ignore me or I'm not good enough for them to talk to me. Its difficult but I have to accept some people are like that xxx How are you finding your degree xxx

  2. I know exactly what you mean, I did one of those typical subjects and now I regret it. I know I will follow my dream but you have to ignore all those people that 'expect' you to have done a typical subject. It's much better that you went and studied something you enjoyed rather than something which you would later regret. Look forward to seeing your creativeness!

    Well done on the 1st (not an easy feet in any subject!!)!! =)x

  3. That's clever. I think creative occupations are almost always frowned upon no matter what culture you grow up for some reason.

  4. Hey Anika! Don't conform to suit others, always remember you're living your life for you and nobody else....and I guarantee that all those that point their nose in the air and claim you should have been a doctor are probably nothing close to becoming a doctor or lawyer themselves!

    I understand that it can hurt, I get people giving me 'the look' when I say I'm a nurse instead of a doctor. Frankly it's the nurses that provide 24 hr care and the nurses who save lives, most the time the doctors will just prescribe the drug and sod off to have lunch with their professor friends! (touchy subject you can tell) lol

    well done for doing exceptionally well my dear, always be proud of your achievement and dont worry something will come along! Keep being amazing, we all love you for it!

    xoxox - for beauty reviews, hauls and health posts x

  5. i use to get a lot of talk from my family when i chose art over a more high paying career field. it's all about if you follow your heart and do what you love. i went for graphic design for 1 year and quit because it's really hard to get a job with that degree. i feel your pain, just be patient and know fate will handle everything =] xx

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  6. Wow, loving the alias Ani! Very clever :-)
    Definitely stick to ur guns n go with wat ur passionate about! Ur lucky u have something u love and r set on..aswell as having supportive parents xx

    1. Aww Thanks Lin Lin.. do you not have a blog I can follow? xx

  7. your blog is very nice!!!
    keep posting!


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