Sunday, 5 February 2012

Sanctuary: Brightening Facial - Moisture Boosting Mask

For my Birthday I received the Sanctuary Skin Brightening Facial In A Box Kit and I decided to use the Moisture Boosting Mask today because my skin has been really dry this winter.
Claims To: 
Give you an ultimate moisture boost to revive 
thirsty skin for a glowing finish. 

How The Kit Tells You To Use The Mask:
- Apply on fully dry skin and smooth on entire sachet 
in an even layer on face and neck.
- Leave on for 15 minutes. 
- Wipe away with damp cloth and pat dry. 

My Thoughts:
I used the entire mask on my face and neck as instructed and it really didn't go far. Maybe I have a big face? (I hope not) The mask didn't set like a traditional mask instead the consistency was more like a moisturiser. I didn't hate this product nor did I love it - yes it did make my skin softer, but nothing a normal mask wouldn't do or a moisturiser (as this is what the consistency remind me of). The sachet is available to purchase from Boots (without purchasing the whole kit) for £2.03 which I think is steep for a 15 ml sachet. I wouldn't purchase this mask separately  as it didn't do anything amazing for my skin - I'm sure there is something better out there in the market for my skin!  

Sorry this was a quick review, but I really didn't have much to say on the product. If anyone knows of a mask I could use once a week to really deep cleanse my face and moisturise it, please let me know x  

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