Monday, 6 February 2012

Its in the (Healthy) Mix

Bourjois's Healthy Mix is by far the best drugstore foundation I have used. It leaves you with a natural finish and leaves your face glowing. Its definitely something everyone should try. Healthy Mix claims to: give you 70% more radiance and flawless complexion for up to 16 hours and has different fruit extracts within its formula that serve different purposes' to benefit your skin. 
Fruit Therapy? 
Apricot - Radiance 
Melon - Hydration
Apple - Antioxidant
 Ginger - Energy 
My Thoughts:
I first started using this foundation because I saw a review on Lisa Eldridge's YouTube Channel, AND if Lisa Eldridge says it's good its got to be good! The best thing about this foundation is that it doesn't look like your wearing much foundation. The formulation is light and gives you a medium coverage, however you can build it up to full coverage if this is something you prefer.
The scent of this foundation is absolutely gorgeous! Although you can't detect the different fruits in it, it doesn't have that artificial factory smell like some foundations have. I'm always hesitant to try scented foundations as I feel some break me out however this foundation is lovely on my skin. 
Using fingers for application I've found is the best way to apply this foundation and it really blends well into the skin. I have tried using the Sigma Flat Top F80 Kubuki brush but it left the foundation looking streaky... maybe its just this brush? Any suggestions? What makes this foundation stand out from the rest is the shade range - there's something for almost everyone which is very rare for a drugstore foundation and what's even better is the price, at £9.99 you've not only got yourself a bargain but a product that does what it says!
This foundation really, and pardon the pun makes my skin look healthy, I have noticed that my skin is less prone to break out too which is always a plus. I have changed my skin care so this may play a part in it but never the less I have seen a huge change in the condition of my skin. 
The packaging is nothing special, just your average bog standard plastic bottle however the pump is especially impressive as it allows you to control the foundation well - so its not squirting out everywhere. The only problem is when your coming to the end of use(or you think you are) the pump starts to struggle to release product! If you have read my Waste Not Want Not post you'll know I hate wasting products so I got the good old bread knife out and hacked away at the bottle and managed to get a few more days use! I put them in these little make-up tubs which are ideal for traveling.
I highly recommend this foundation to everyone, especially those who want that 'no make-up look'. Its a fantastic foundation, it lets your skin breathe whilst giving you an good amount of coverage which lasts a working day. I've bought the Healthy Mix Serum Foundation and am hoping for good results with this one. Let me know if you've tried this foundation and what you thought of it.x


  1. I gave you the Versataile Blogger Award!
    xxx Marina

    1. Thank You for the blogger award. That made my dayxx

  2. This is the next foundation on my list to try :) x

  3. Love this foundation, thank you so much for the lovely comment you left on my blog no need to be jealous of my eyelashes your so beautiful xxx

    P.S Love your blog im following

  4. Absolutely love your blog! Thanks for checking mine out! I'm your newest follower! :)

  5. Hey.. good post... gonna try this one for sure... BTW which shade of this foundation did u pick up? and is ur skin oily?


    1. My skins is dry to combination, however I can sometime get oily down the center of my nose and forehead. The shade I get is 56 Hale' Clair - Light bronze. Its the lightest of the darker sets of shades if you get what I mean x


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