Friday, 24 February 2012

Soap & Glory: (Not So) Thick & Fast Mascara

I have now used the Soap & Glory's Thick & Fast Mascara (which I received free in the March issue of Elle Magazine),enough to give you guys my thoughts on it. 
I was excited to try the Thick & Fast Mascara as I've had nothing but good things to say about other Soap & Glory products. However its current retail price of £10.00 (for 10 ml's) didn't really impress me - so when I saw Elle Magazine were giving one away with their March Issue I jumped at the chance! 

This 'false lash effect' Mascara claims to create amazingly longer, fuller, fabulous lashes and features SUPERFILL™ false lash fillers, shine amplifiers, NOFLAKE24 technology and super-fine-no-clumps natural wax film formers. 
(I tend to ignore the 'Blurb' on products - if its a good product & it works I don't give two hoots what the ingredients are - unless they have been tested on animals!) 
(You can see the build up of product on the bottom of the wand)
(Without Mascara)
As much as I wanted to love this Mascara, when it came down to the crunch I have to say unfortunately I didn't. Not to say that I disliked it nor did it do anything amazing for my lashes. The wand is quite big and I found that the actual formulation can sometimes catch the skin above my lashes if I'm not careful. The wand also collects too much product which makes it hard to separate the lashes. Despite using eye-lash curlers before hand the overall effect the Mascara had on my lashes was clumpy looking and I found that my lashes were sticking together because of the wet and gloopey consistency. 
(With Mascara - I found the outer lashes stuck together because of the gloopey formulation)
The Thick & Fast Mascara kind of reminds me of Benefits Bad Gal Lash Mascara which has a dry formula only Bad Gal was easier to apply as it separated lashes quickly and easily whereas with the Thick & Fast Mascara I found it was harder to work with. 

If both Mascaras were up against each other Benefits Bad Gal Lash Mascara would hands down definitely win the battle. 
In my opinion having tried this Mascara I would say it isn't worth the money, it has quite a high price point for drugstore and has failed in my view to deliver what it claims to do. 

I hate saying bad things about Soap & Glory, because I love their products, but if I wasn't fully satisfied with the product I have to be honest. If you have tried the Thick & Fast Mascara let me know what your experience of using it was like. x  


  1. your lashes look long, too bad you didn't like the product

  2. your lashes look nice, i've heard mixed reviews about this mascara xx
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  3. Your lashes do look nice but I definitely understand the personal preferences of mascara!

    1. Yeah I'm quite fussy when it comes to mascaras, I like them to stand out but don't like them to be over them top, this mascara was just a little too clumpy x

  4. Have you tried They're real by Benefit? That mascara is amazing! Thanks for following. Im following you too

    1. I wanted to try it....but the price puts me off..maybe I will just treat myself lol. xx

    2. When it comes to mascaras I can't bear spending £18/£19 on one mascara. I think there's a lot of good mascaras on the high street at a fraction of the price xx

  5. Loving your blog, very cute layout :) hope to see more posts xx

  6. Thank you. Loving your youtube channel x


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