Sunday, 12 February 2012

The Rise of the BB Creams

In recent weeks I have seen many different make-up brands come up with their own versions of the 'BB Cream'. Blemish Balms's or BB Creams as they are most commonly know as are a cosmetic mainly used in East and South East Asia, but are firmly making a place on make-up counters all around the U.K. 

BB Creams are of a much lighter formulation than a foundation , they work to moisturise, conceal and treat skin in one simple step, some people use them as primers and others wear them alone as a foundation. Here are just a few that are on the market now: 

Has anyone tried BB Creams before? If so what did you think? Are they worth the hype? Anyway the main purpose of this post was to make you guys aware that Latest in Beauty are offering people the chance to try the Estee Lauder Day Wear BB Creme SPF 35
For just £1.50 Latest in Beauty will send you a 5ml sample of the cream so if you have been wanting to try a BB Cream this is the perfect chance for you to do so.  

If you don't know what Latest in Beauty is, I did a whole post on it so heres the link: 

I use the Estee Lauder Double Light Foundation which I love - it has great coverage and lasts all day but I can find it a little too heavy sometimes! So I've ordered a sample of the BB Cream myself to see if it will give me the same amount of coverage but of a much lighter consistency. 

Once I've got it, tried it & tested it I will let you know what I think. In the mean time if anyone has any questions about Latest in Beauty or anything else feel free to contact me x 


  1. Hello, I have tagged you in the 11 questions tag. My blog post has the details!

    1. Hey Thank You, I will definitely do this when I get a spare moxxx

  2. Truthfully, I think that BB cream is really hyped up and not worth it (just my opinion ^_^') I've tried a few and I think foundation is better
    It's hard to find your shade and if it doesn't work, some BB creams can turn your skin grayish. They're also really really light colored @.@
    Finally, I've heard a lot of people say that BB cream has caused them to break out and foundation has better coverage.
    sorry. /endrant
    But I mean it also works really well for some people too :)

  3. still have yet to try any

  4. I am yet to try a BB cream but I don't know what one to choose

    take a peak at my blog <3

    Project Rattlebag


    1. Thanks for the comment. Am following youx Try the Estee Lauder one if your looking to try one xx

  5. I really liked the garnier BB cream and thought it was a great alternative to foundation for day time!

    Fab post xo


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